Restaurant Guest Services

Make sure your staff has the tools to identify your guests and extend that "something extra". Your clients are your best promoters so maximize on your investment and build repeat business. Client entitlements and wishes are instantly available.

A Complete Dining Profile

A great guest experience is the cornerstone of any restaurant. 

  • Whether it's a "walk-in" or a long-time VIP, we make it easy for staff to anticipate and then deliver excellent guest service.
  • With high-turnover rates, immediate access to guest dining profiles maintains standards throughout any staff transition.
  • Quick access to reliable insights builds loyal guests.

Guest Dining Preferences

Whether making an online reservation or calling the restaurant, we make it easy for guests to tell you what they want, what they like and what they don't like.

  • • Making sure your team captures these opportunities to impress, enhances each guest's experience.
  • Management notes,  automated alerts and integrated "opt-in" marketing opportunities take things to the next level.

New & Repeat Activity

Insights into reservation activity, for each guest, guides key operational decisions such as .....

  • When to secure bookings with a credit card.
  • When to restrict online reservations or when to open them up.
  • Knowing when to over-book or which marketing strategies are working reduces costly inefficiencies.

Events & Special Dates

Any special occasion is a precious memory in the making. Framed by your restaurant, it's a perfect sharing opportunity between guests, friends & family.

  • • We ensure your staff knows when, where and how to 'WOW' guests with the right message at the right time.
  • Your guest's anticipation & memories will play an exciting part of your restaurant's growing brand.

Guest Feedback

Too often a guest's efforts to reach-out go unacknowledged. We recognized this early on, and were the first in the industry to enable restaurants to electronically thank guests and request feedback - as the guest left the restaurant.

  • • The ability to intercept the guest's potentially damaging path to the public "review" sites is essential to keeping their business and protecting your brand. 
  • RestaurantConnect's feedback reporting & response system ensures management is held accountable for what happens next.
  • Don't put yourself in situations where you're "the last to know" or the guest's feedback goes unacknowledged.

How well do you know your guests?

Do they know you?

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