Restaurant Guest Experience

Your restaurant concept, staff execution and operational systems must work collectively to ensure your guests come away with an experience they now call their own. This is the heart of "our craft" and your success. How do we fit in? We are an unnoticeable presence and our advanced communications is what gets it right.



The full guest experience is like a movie plot. Consider each guest as the audience, lead character, director and critic. The restaurant is the supporting cast hired to create the star shine. For the restaurateur, it's the phase of anticipation where you audition. Do you look your best? Does your team look the part? Do they know their lines? It's how you shape your brand that gets you noticed. Your reputation will get evaluated. The feeling you project to the world is what gets you hired. We help shape your brand so it's ready for the next opportunity to shine.


As each guest aproaches the doors, it's all live. The arrival experience is where the memories start. How's the lighting and sound? Is everyone in the right place? Timing is crucial and everyone must know their part. How have you designed your guest's arrival experience? What's the greeting supposed to be like? How will your guests be addressed and what's the ideal flow from that point? The tools you use to make this happen are like the camera equipment of of a movie. Your crew can only be as good as what you give them to craft their art. From TableWatch to TableConnect, these are the tools that give shape to how the guests feels when they first walk through the door.

"The Moment"

This is what it all builds up to. It's the why of RestaurantConnect. Think of an unexpected or satisfying moment that defines an entire visit. Every guest desires such a moment whether they know it or not. The intent of concept, execution and operational systems must collectively inspire each guest's discovery of the unexpected, to reconnect with their senses, each other, and come away with an experience they now call their own. This is the heart of our craft - and your success.


All experiences must wind down and this where a conclusion is formed. How does it end? What happens as your guest settles their tab and heads out the door? Do you know what they're thinking as they leave? What's the service team doing? How about the host stand? How do you know your efforts will ensure a repeat visit? The goal is an experience so well thought out that guests want to come back for more. TableWatch automates the follow up necessary to keep that thought headed in the right direction.


Once the guest leaves, the critic may come to life. A silent critic is like a movie with no press. Nobody cares. A vocal critic can do enormous damage. Even the most insignificant detail can be enough to infuence a different path for other guests. Praise is the ultimate goal. Having a means to stay in the dialogue and positively influence the narrative, will distinguish great restaurants from the others. This is the foundation of reputation and brings us full circle back to Brand Management and how you stay engaged with your guests.

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