Restaurant Guest Seating

RestaurantConnect seating automation, control and flexibility means better service and happier guests. Cutting edge features keep you in control.

Wait-List & Reservations

Guests spilling over to a wait list can be one of the best compliments a restaurant can get. It can also be the worst nightmare.

  • • Our wait-list management system balances priority between walk-ins and reservations.
  • With wait quotes and actual wait times, to visual hints, color cues, and text communication, we ensure the wait-time promise is kept.
  • • Walk-ins are confidently greeted then seated according to set expectations.

Robust Data Capture

Every person has a story to tell. How do the facts compare? Over the long-term, the well-being of your restaurant reflects what's known about your guests.

  • • Numbers are the conscience of a business, so we make sure your guest's story is presented the way it happened. For example, our guest feedback reports include the full experience.
  • From arrival, to quote, to seated and departure times- just a slice of data we provide to deliver unrivaled transparency into your operations.

Reporting & Refinement

Collecting such details as arrival times, wait times, turn times, server counts, cancellation & no show counts, and countless other data is crucial to sustaining an effective cycle of business.

  • • We capture the untapped intelligence and use this to create success opportunities.
  • When consistently acted upon, this translates to better customer service & increased revenue.

Email & Text Communications

Effective communication is essential to a culture of readiness. It's one of the most important traits of a successful restaurant.

  • • We equip you with real-time text alerts, data-rich email communication and unprecedented access to company-wide insights.
  • When RestaurantConnect is installed, communication standards are elevated immediately. But no matter how ready we can be, the unexpected is a constant threat.
  • The ability to effectively delegate regardless of unseen developments keeps leadership on track. The combined effect means service & culinary teams continue performing at the highest levels while guests come and go without missing a beat.

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