Restaurant Private Dining

Grow your private & group dining business. Dramatically improve your events with better communication between management, sales & service staff.

Event Calendar

If your event marketing calendar is not as full as you would like, there are two possible issues - your product or your delivery system.

  • We automate the process so staff can turn around proposals fast.
  • Statistics show that responding to a request within the first hour increases the successful close rates by 86%.
  • Detailed reporting on individual event staff results.

Lead Generation

The lead goes from your table management solution directly to event staff and a proposal or estimate can be sent out in under two minutes.

  • • When a lead comes in, the prospect receives a welcome email with your event menus and beautiful pictures.
  • Speed, detail & follow through always lead to more sales.
  • • We remove manual steps in planning and deliver an automated solution that makes a difference.

Event Packets

Without automation, it's likely your event coordinator spends 80% of their time filling out spreadsheets, printing, faxing, getting decisions over the phone, sending updates to the kitchen for menu approvals, etc.

  • • We flip this around to what it should be, 80% sales.
  • Our event packet is 100% electronic. From lead, to estimate, to signatures & credit card details.
  • We eliminate file attachments, paper, scanning and faxing.
  • • When the guest makes their menu choices the kitchen sheet's automatically updated and the host team has what they need when the guests arrive.
  • • And the Chef has menus available right on the phone.

Dining Room Integration

From initial lead generation to the group's arrival, the sale goes full circle. The team at the host stand is automatically equipped to ensure the guest's arrival experience is as smooth as the their initial inquiry.

  • • Seamless communication between our event planning and dining room management solutions means floor staff always knows your guests and their needs.
  • At the end of the event, the host & invited guests receive a thank you email requesting feedback.
  • • The final sales & event tip-out amounts can be recorded by the closing floor manager for a complete record of the event's sales & costs.

Maximize Every Event’s Profit Potential

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Without automation, your Event Coordinator probably spends the bulk of their time filling our forms, printing, faxing and confirming menu details with staff.

This leaves, most likely, abour 20% of their time for actual sales. We turn this over so 80% of available time can be spent on sales.

Our event packet is 100% electronic. From lead, to estimate, to signatures & credit card details. We eliminate file attachements, paper, scanning and faxing. When the guest makes their menu choices the kitchen sheet’s automatically updated.

Let us show you how we can help you ensure each event is as profitable as it should be.