Restaurant Reservations

Say Goodbye to pen and paper, and messy rags. No more telephone tag or lost business. Say Hello to refined Reservation Management.

New & Repeat Guests

If a particular guest has been to the restaurant 20 times in the last month, would this guest receive a certain level of attention?

  • This thought should set the bar for the quality of each new and repeat guest's dining experience.
  • Now if every guest visited 20 times a month, would they all receive the same quality of service?
  • They should, and it's possible because of automated alerts, detailed customer profiles, access by all team members and advanced guest communication opportunities.

Guest Communications

Proper service timing is often considered one of the hallmarks of outstanding service. So is attention to detail. Without information, we can't be fast.

  • This means things need to be done in real-time with the power of the cloud driving decisions across the restaurant's operations- and throughout the guest experience.
  • Our texting technologies provide two-way communications while email delivers a reliable format that gets things done.
  • Over the phone or in person, guests and team members are always fully informed.

Social Opportunities

Now more than ever, one of the most exciting resources restaurants have to grow their business is through their own customers.

  • You may use social media to promote your restaurant, but have you made it easy for your guests to expand your brand on your behalf?
  • From our guest invitation system to our feedback system, every new call to action delivers a level of visibility and trust only friends and family can deliver.

Optimal Cover Counts

With ambiance as one of the "four pillars of success", optimal cover counts put well-trained service & culinary teams at their best. Too slow - true focus and anticipation never sets in. Too busy - things don't get done. Both lead to mistakes.

  • Our inventory system is the foundation for proper staffing, food ordering & management decisions - and mindset.
  • We make it easy to open your inventory up on the fly- or shut it down.
  • This control, or lack of it, lays the foundation for everything else that follows.

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