Restaurant Server Sections and Rotation

Restaurant server sections can be easily setup by any floor manager.
Use preset sections or manually assign servers to the table when the guest is seated.

Keep Happy Servers

Fair and open server rotation keeps everyone happy.
Easily assign & remove sections based on restaurant load.
Easy end-of-shift table removals or changes.

Balance Server Load

Keep guests happy with strategic sectioning.
Move tables to other servers as required.
Assign new servers for success.

Multiple Rotation Methods

Server with least number of guests at the time.
Server with longest wait for table assignment.
Server with the lowest number of parties or tables.

Server Analytics

    • Shows the time of the first and last table served.
    • Calculates the total service time.
    • Report is fast and easy to set date range and other filters.
    • Outlines the hourly distribution of service to assist in staffing needs.

Section Setup

    • Click to highlight table to add to section.
    • Click to remove table from section.
    • Tables can be shared between servers.
    • End of a shift? Simply click on the server, then the empty table.

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