Restaurant Table Management Software

Our software gives you complete table management flexibility and control for your restaurant.

Key Restaurant Seating Software Features

Seating Flexibility

    • Our ResEasy table management software handles reservations, walk-ins, call ahead seating, wait listing, group bookings and preassigned tables.
    • Easy to use and intuitive features allow restaurants to apply varying levels of control on different days, meal periods & party sizes.

Automated Table Joins

    • As part of the booking process, ResEasy will guide staff to select enough tables to accommodate the party.
    • Managers can create table groupings do the system can automatically preassign large parties to that table grouping.

Dining Areas and Venues

    • Create multiple dining areas with their unique table maps.
    • Dining areas can be activated or deactivated as needed.
    • Designate areas to be used for special events.
    • Individual tables can be excluded from booking inventory.

Restaurant Table Management On Any Device

Our ResEasy restaurant seating software is simple and intuitive for staff and managers.
Remotely monitor operations on your phone or make adjustments on your tablet, all based on real-time data.
Never get caught without the means to make immediate changes to spur bookings or slow the pace for your kitchen.

ResEasy - Advanced Table Management.

Reduce No Shows

Use the integrated credit card hold
system to boost reservation
attendance or charge cancellation
fees to eliminate costly no-shows.

No More Table Juggling

ResEasy's panel display puts everything
in one interactive visual grid to
streamline your host's job.

Easy Table Edits

ResEasy's simple drag and drop system allows anyone to create and modify the table map.

Optimize Table Yield

Improve efficiency by providing hosts
with real-time table status and

Flexible Seating Durations

Easily extend a table's duration for
those regular guests with one click
and drag.

Guest Communications

Integrated two-way messaging system allows guests to advise hosts about arrival delays.

ResEasy - save time and money.

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ResEasy is faster, easier and you still have complete control.

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