TableWatch Software

All benefits and features of Reservationist combined with improved operations in your dining room. Easy to use and intuitive software for restaurant table management. Guest seating management that also handles walk-in, call ahead seating, wait listing, group booking and pre-assigning tables.

TableWatch Screen Samples

In addition to those shown for Reservationist

Main TableWatch Screen

  • Instantly see all pertinent reservation details for each guest
  • Table assignments and table combinations clearly  shown
  • Special occasion icons instantly inform staff of the nature and size of the celebration
  • One click gains access to the booking detail to make changes
  • Server sections and 4 options for server rotation

Reservation Management

  • Easily change date, time, meal period and covers
  • Track and change table status either manually or automatically with POS integration
  • • Stack up to 4 reservations on a table to increase table turns and maximize seat inventory
  •  Easily reset bookings that were classified as a No Shows or Cancellations

Table Management

  • • Create preset table combinations to speed up table assignments and reduce errors
  • • Party size seating durations ensure a suitable gap between table turns
  • • Dining room optimizer allows hosts to extend or reduce seat times to properly utilize table inventory
  • • Create table joins and move tables on the fly

Detailed Reporting

  • • Reservation analysis reports provide the insights to better understand the booking trends at your restaurant
  • • Clearly defined parameters highlight unacceptable shifts in no shows and cancellations
  • • Use booking patterns to refine staffing demands by meal period or for the whole day
  • • Use segmented guest reports for targeted marketing 

TableWatch System Wide Features

In addition to the inovative development in Reservationist

No Limits
  • No limit to the number of concurrent users.
  • No limit to the number of register devices.
  • No limit to the number of bookings made.
  • No extra charges for any online bookings.
  • No contract - cancel at any time.
  • 30-day, 100% money back guarantee.
Inovative Development
  • 1st - Pre-configured table joins.
  • 1st - Automatic graphical table joins.
  • 1st - Stack bookings for extra turns.
  • 1st - Guest host sends invites to friends.
  • 1st - Julia - Your 24/7 Reservation Assistant
100% Cloud-Based
  • Access your system data from anywhere.
  • No need to rent specialized hardware.
  • Access from any web enabled device.
  • Redundant servers ensure system security.

TableWatch Applications

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