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Mar 06

Restaurant Reservations System Built for Restauranteurs

ResoSolutions offers several versions of restaurant reservation software. The key difference between our products and most competitors is that our products were built for restaurateurs as a means to maximize your revenue through optimum table utilization.

An important factor, when deciding on a restaurant reservation system, is making sure that while making online reservations, your guests are not redirected away from your web site, to a listing or membership site. We don't do this, we are only interested in helping you build your own restaurant brand, not ours.

The restaurateur should make sure they have total control over online bookings, open tables, table duration and their customer database. Reducing time consuming staff reservation duties and service planning activities should be evident.

Another factor in choosing reservation software is maintaining your restaurant brand. This is especially important if you operate more than one restaurant. Our online restaurant reservation widget can be customized for your restaurant brand and ensure that guests stay on your web site during the entire online restaurant reservation experience. See more details about how online restaurant reservation software can help.

Hotel operators have a unique environment that calls for even greater flexibility. You want to operate a peak capacity but also provide preferential access to the guests of the hotel. We have products that can open specific booking channels for special event marketing, in-house guests, general online restaurant reservations as well as phone-in reservations. All these channels are integrated, but some or our products can determine priority access and availability on each booking channel.


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