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Mar 24

Restaurant Reservation Software Concerns 1-5

At ResoSolutions, we’ve compiled a list of typical concerns raised by restaurateurs that are considering Online Restaurant Reservation Software. If you do not find an answer to your question here, please respond to our blog or contact us at 888-782-3638.

1. We are totally manual. My staff can’t learn a new Reservation System.

If your staff uses a POS system now, they can easily use online restaurant reservation software. If they understand your current restaurant seating philosophy, they can easily adapt to a new restaurant reservation system. Most providers will adapt their software to maintain your current procedures. Therefore, the end result is more convenience and certainty for your guests and greater efficiency and control for the restaurant. With most systems, the training period for your general staff is 15-20 minutes.


2. There is no restaurant reservation system that can do what I do!

You are probably correct! But, it means that you or someone your really trust has to personally manage the restaurant reservation book, all the time. You forward the restaurant phone, after close, to take calls. You return email reservation requests either at night or the next morning. And, you play telephone tag with your guest to confirm their reservation.

All this administration takes time. energy and focus away from other things you could be doing to help grow your business. Even then you’re not done. You need to layout your seating plan for each service and make sure you can accommodate everyone.

Some reservation systems do all of this for you. Most are very good at managing the whole table booking process. Depending on the product, some systems can seat your guests more efficiently so you can increase your cover counts .


3. We value the personal touch with our guests.

Most restaurant reservation software systems allow your guests to book on-line 24 hours a day with the secure knowledge that their reservation will be honored at your restaurant. Some of our products allow you to personalize the e-mail confirmation and even send a reminder 24 hours prior to the booking. This elevates the professional status of your restaurant and it’s 100% automated. Some of products allow you to identify VIP guests and you get notified whenever they reserve a table.

Once you automate your online restaurant reservation process, you will have more time to think of ways to engage your guests more effectively. You can spend more time trying to devise ways to enhance the experience for your regulars and devise other means to get past guests to return. It all depends where your efforts are best spent. Restaurant Reserve allows your guests to create their own culinary and dining profile so you can cater to them.


4. We don’t want to loose control.

Most online restaurant reservation software systems allow you to determine how many bookings you want to take on-line and in-house. You should also be able to reduce the number of bookings you want to take in peak service periods or block out entire time slots. It is essential that any restaurant reservation system be flexible enough for you to restrict reservations by time, day or special occasion.

Avoid systems that simply open the reservation doors and leave it up to you to manage the results. Of course you would like to be busy all the time, but we all know the effects of kitchen overload. Therefore any system you choose should have a means to track seating time by size of party. This means that you can define absolute maximum covers tied to party size duration so that the kitchen doesn't implode.  The software should also be flexible enough that you can override any setting, at any time, to deal with unforeseen situations.


5. What happens when we are closed on special days or when I rent out the entire restaurant?

The restaurant reservation software should allow you to close online reservations, in advance, for any date in the future when you have a private function. Your on-line guests should not be able to book those time slots and a message should be displayed on your website widget asking them to call the restaurant directly.



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