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Apr 02

10 Ways To Control Online Restaurant Reservations

The biggest concern that most restaurant owners have is losing control of online reservations.  Owners should never a worry since your reservation software should have the means to control online activities as you wish.  It should be entirely in your hands.

Here's a small list of what restaurant management should control with respect to online bookings.

  • 1.   Close down online reservations entirely at any time.

             - Regardless of the reason, managers can stop or start online reservations as needed.


  • 2.   Close any time-slot at any time.

            - Create a pause for the kitchen to catch up or to adjust to server availability.


  • 3.   Re-open online reservations or any time slot at any time.


  • 4.   Limit the party size that can book online or define the time slots available for larger parties.

            - Ensure that large party policies are followed.

            - Reduce the impact of large party bookings on the regular reservation flow for your other guests.


  • 5.   Close the entire day or meal period at any time.

            - Make sure managers can react to special situations.


  • 6.   Create special meal plans for holidays or special events

            - Have the option to replace the standard meal period or add to it, in the case of a special event.


  • 7.   Close out dates as far into the future as you wish for holidays.


  • 8.   Limit how far into the future that people can book online.


  • 9.   Create a cushion time for current day.

           - Setup a rolling cushion of say 60 minutes so anyone looking to book online only sees times 60 minutes in advance of the current time.

  •        - Alternatively, cut-off same day online reservations at 5:00AM 


  • 10. Create promotions that can be booked online to help fill slower days or to promote standard offerings.


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