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Apr 23

2 Ways To View VIPs In The Hospitality Industry

Anyone working in the service industry knows that it's a fine line when it comes to VIP treatment.  Depending on your service sector the good sometimes comes with the bad.   Workers in the hospitality sector know better than anyone else the dual acronym for  VIPs.

Attention to detail is important when you are looking to stand out above competing restaurants. Guests want to feel at home, but how can they if we don’t know them?  With this feature, any team member you choose can create a list of VIP guests, and be notified via text (or email) every time those special guests reserve or arrive at the restaurant.

  • * Your host can send a text message to management indicating that your investor or other important guest has just made a reservation? You can contact the manager on duty to touch base without even being at the restaurant.
  • * Did your team forget to tell you about that food critic coming in? No problem, there’s now a system in place so that notification goes out to you automatically.
  • * Does your new bar manager need to be prepared for those rowdy regulars? It’s now taken care of – every time.

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