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Apr 16

5 Things You Need To Know About Restaurant Table Turns

Restaurants will tell you that ResEasy improves table turns, thus increasing revenues. The  ResEasy system knows the capacities and seating duration of all real tables, plus any joined tables programmed into the system.

1.  Table Duration Times: The system tracks seating duration times for different party sizes in order to determine when the next party can be seated at any table.

2.  Multiple Turns On Popular Tables:  Since  ResEasy knows where to put every party size, and since it knows how long these parties will be seated, hosts can confidently stack back-to-back reservations on your popular tables and the system will ensure that adequate spacing is maintained.

3.  Table Status:  Vivid icons (seated, dessert, check paid, etc.) and calculated departure estimates help your host team to seat guests quickly and determine expected table turns more precisely.

4.  Dining Room Optimization:   ResEasy will maximize your dining room capacity by assigning reservations based on the know availability of each table.  And since managers can shorten or extend duration times, you can ensure that each seat generates its fair share of revenue.

5.  Automated Wait Time Quotes:  ResEasy will analysis the current status of all inventory in the dining room, as well as and pending load, and present the hosts with a suggested wait time for each party size.

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