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Apr 23

5 Things You Need To Know About Text Messaging Cost Effectiveness For Restaurants

Clients have told us they spend between $150 and $250 per month on pager repairs and unit replacements. Pocket that cash Instead of wasting it. The ResEasy system sends a simple one line text to your guest when their table is ready.

1.  Pager Cost & Maintenance: Reduction of costs for the purchase or rent and maintenance of pagers will pay for a sophisticated restaurant reservation system.

2.  Host Stand Clutter:  Remove the clutter at your host stand and present a more sleek and professional image.

3. Promote Healthy Practices:  Imagine the number of people that handle your pagers each and every day. Not only your guests, but your staff as well.

4.  Modern Waitlist Management:   Reduce crowds at your host stand. Liberate your guests and impress them with a quick, yet personalized text to tell them they've been added to the waitlist.

5.  Table Ready Text:  Once a table is ready, a simple table ready text is sent and your guest can report to the host. Plus your guests can respond if they've made other plans.

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