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Top 5 features you should insist upon in a reservation system

Apr 05

5 Things You Should Insist Upon From Your Restaurant Reservations System Provider

Since Restaurant owners should decide how they want to operate their restaurant, we don't impose demands or restrictions on how they manage restaurant reservations online or in-house.  It's entirely up to the hospitality operator.

Here are 5 things you should insist upon in a reservation system.

  • 1.   Insist on absolute control and ownership of your customer database.
  •       • You worked hard to build up your customer list.  Don't give it away.
  •       • Don't surrender it to a 3rd party so they can slowly take it over and start marketing to your local competitors.
  • 2.  Insist that you maintain full control over online reservations.
  •       • Don't accept restrictions on how you market your restaurant online.
  •       • This means you can use any other online booking tools on your website and on listing sites.
  • 3.  Ask about some basic online booking settings and make sure you can change them yourself.
  •       • Can you set the maximum number of guests you want to accept in each time slot and vary by day of the week?
  •       • Can you define the online restaurant reservations software profile to drive business to off-peak periods to increase table turns?
  •       • Can you cutoff online reservations, prior to service, so you aren’t surprised by a party booking a table for 6 while sitting in the restaurant parking lot?
  •  4. Ask if the system has a full range of analytical reports.
  •       • Can you get a detailed Reso log for each meal period in the day and it should all the booking details and any  applicable promotions the guest has selected?
  •       • Can you see current, past and future bookings, with ratios compared to previous time periods and other performance criteria to help manage the reservations process?
  •  5. Make sure the system can handle online promotions and events.
  •       • You want to have the flexibility of creating online promos for specific times, meal periods or days.  When selected by the online customer, the Reso log and reports should clearly show these special booking features. 

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