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Jan 15

Grow Your Events & Group Dining Business With Quick & Accurate Quotes

Dramatically improve your events with better communication between management, sales & service staff. View all your events and cover counts, for any day of the year to gauge overall event load. Drill down on any event for staffing demand and other areas where more resources may be required.

Securing an event booking increases with the speed of first response. This is so important that our booking widgets, table management, reservation management and event planning applications all include built-in lead generation forms.  Generate leads from your website and Facebook page.

  • • Jump start the quality of new prospects via automatic welcome emails.  Welcome email to guest keeps customer interested during off-hour inquiries.  Email or text alerts sent with essential details to the event coordinator. Statistics show that responding to a request within the first hour increases the successful close rates by 86%.
  • • Eliminate file attachments, paper, scanning and faxing.  No more searching for event documents when staff are on vacation.  All leads are saved in central location with full access to guest profile, notes, events history, etc.  Any event planner can pick up calls for an associate and have a solid understanding of your customer's expectations. Never miss a deadline automated tasks and email or text reminders.
  • • Ensure that your events stay profitable with real-time profit and loss statements that calculate all event metrics like, from F&B, staffing, 3rd party services and rentals. Standardized menu and quote templates reduce errors and allow your event planners to produce BEO's in minutes. Automated menu option selections by prospects, digital contract signing and online deposits reduce overall communication failures or frustration.
  • • Say goodbye to double bookings. Booked events automatically appear in TableWatch for easy FOH visibility. Easily view dining room activity and a-la-carte reservations to accurately determine availability for any day or time.

From initial lead inquiry, to guest arrival, our event planning software connects management, event coordinators, guests and service teams throughout the entire planning and execution process.


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