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Graphic showing the growth of mobile use - before and after

Oct 04

Restaurant Brand Marketing On Smart Phones Gaining Traction

As a restaurant operator, you know how important marketing is for sales.  If nobody knows about your restaurant, it is extremely hard to bring in new customers, and while word of mouth is great, there is only so much this is going to do for you.  In the restaurant business, you need to continually remind people you are around, so if they have a craving for your style of food, they know you are ready to serve them.  With more and more forms of marketing moving towards the Internet, holding and creating a strong presence online is essential. Having a website is the first step, but there are many other steps you need to take in order to build a proper form of brand marketing for your business.  Hospitality Marketing does not stop on your standard website, and even social media integration is not enough.  You now need to consider the use of smart phones and how this ultimately fits into your marketing campaigns.

Mobile Internet

With smart phones becoming more and more powerful, people are now gathering data while on the go through their mobile device and tablet on a daily basis.  Whether restaurant seekers are from out of town or have lived in the area all their life, trying to decide on the perfect restaurant is now answered with a mobile map search or by looking over a restaurant list on a downloaded application.  As long as your restaurant is listed online, your restaurant is going to appear on these application searches, which is great, but if you are running just a standard website and someone tries to visit your page through the app, the potential customers are going to run into trouble.

Responsive Website Design

Chances are you have experienced this problem:  On occasion when you visit a website, it loads in a way that forces you to continually scroll up and down, left and right, plus enlarge and zoom out, just to find what you are looking for.  People do not want to search like this. With a responsive website design though, your website automatically loads to the mobile device screen and operating system they are using.  This way, customers can easily see your website.  The easier it is to see your information, the more likely they are going to select your restaurant over the other restaurants in your same area.

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