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Sep 30

RoomKeyPMS Releases Single Solution for Mobile Payment and Check-In

RoomKeyPMS announced the release of enhancements to its recently launched mobile check-in functionality with the addition of seamless mobile payment processing.

Taking payment during pre-arrival allows guests to reduce the time at the front desk and for many, improves their contactless experience.  Combining RoomKeyPMS Mobile Check-In with RoomKeyPMS Payments creates the unique ability to:

  • • Secure payment by verifying the authenticity of the credit card
  • • Collect and store tokens to authorize or post payment directly
  • • Securely collect tokenized credit card and CVV data in advance
  • • Save time using an embedded auto-matching reconciliation report built into RoomKeyPMS
  • • Reduce costs and create simplicity with one partner that is the processing and software hub

These enhancements build on the already existing features released in RoomKeyPMS’s Mobile Check-In. The features make the check-in process efficient by allowing guests to:

  • • Review stay details and update personal information
  • • Correct email and opt-in to future marketing
  • • Digitally sign and store registration cards
  • • Collect pre-arrival requests and time of arrival

“As we move into budget season with uncertain occupancy levels and varying degrees of social distancing ahead, we knew it was essential to combine our in-house mobile check-in features with in-house credit card processing for both card-present, ecommerce and card-not-present scenarios.  This new combined set of features will allow hotels to meet their mobile needs while also realizing better discount rates through our ownership group.  By combining mobile and payments, it closes the loop to create an easy-to-use solution for hotels to manage all transactions while putting money back into the pocket of the hotel immediately and down the road when transactions and occupancy grows.” said Tim Major, RoomKeyPMS Executive Vice President and General Manager.

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