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Jun 24

Surviving 8-14 Months Of Reduced Covers

The hospitality industry has been decimated by record layoffs and dismissals. Some restaurateurs see no path forward.

However, some governments are providing huge incentives for companies to retain their staff connections, if not their activity. Everyone realizes that COVID-19 will be moderately controlled
until a vaccine is available.

In the interim, reduced tables and occupancy restrictions will pose, yet another, challenge to bottom line profits. High priced software that takes a growing portion of restaurant profits on each guest, over and over, is hard to justify.

This is especially acute for restaurants that depend on business and consumer travelers to prop-up their bottom line. Most analysts suggest that travel will be slow to rebound until a vaccine is released. This pushes that recovery point out 8-14 months.

Aggressive cost elimination, now, will serve you well on the road to recovery.

Restaurant staff meeting in kitchen. Man pressing Book Now button. Restaurant management meeting.
Retain Your Key Staff
Use key staff to implement changes or new systems. It's the best way to keep engaged with key staff.
Retain the staff you want to move forward with you when we put this emergency behind us.
Easy Reservation Management 
Can you really afford expensive systems & commissions, when phase one success only means surviving.
The new normal may highlight that you really can do without that high priced
Planning For The Recovery
Maintaining the status quo is not the answer to these unprecedented events.  Take Control - Act Now.
Take this time to change everything you wished you could have done, but never had the time or incentive.

  Click here for 5 reasons why not to just ride it out.

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