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Server Section Setup

Apr 23

TableWatch - Server Sections & Server Rotation

A host team's dream come true. This user-friendly calculator provides several ways to manage the server rotation, keeping everyone happy and your host team out of the line of fire.

server Section Rotation


  • • Most servers prefer a rotation based on total cover count distribution.
  • • You may opt for a rotation that simply moves the server next in line to the top of the list. This mode is usually based on manual assignment of tables as servers show up for work.


Server Sections

Server section table assignments can be thought out well in advance to adhere to the day of the week or expected covers or business. Alternatively, adding tables to sections can be managed manually each day.

  • • Server sections can be pre-set based on expected business and the number of servers need for a shift. Then, all you have to do is assign the server to that section. 
  • • Server section tables can also be manually assigned for each shift.


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