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Aug 29

The State of Information Technology in the Hospitality Industry

With the wide choice of POS, CRM, reservations & inventory control software, operators are being overwhelmed with "IT".  Operators have varying levels of automation, but the challenge is with consolidating and evaluating the data.  The only consistent trend is the move to online systems.

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Jun 19

Why Do 60% Of Restaurants Fail In The First Year?

10 avoidable mistakes that too many restaurant operators ignore.

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resEasy guest communications

Apr 23

5 Things You Need To Know About Text Messaging Cost Effectiveness For Restaurants

Clients have told us they spend between $150 and $250 per month on pager repairs and unit replacements. Pocket that cash Instead of wasting it.  The TableWatch system sends a simple one line text to your guest when their table is ready and more ...

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Hospitality Sector VIP

Apr 23

2 Ways To View VIPs In The Hospitality Industry

Anyone working in the service industry knows that it's a fine line when it comes to VIP treatment.  Depending on your service sector the good sometimes comes with the bad.   Workers in the hospitality sector know better than anyone else the dual acronym for  VIPs.

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Restaurant in the sky

Apr 17

This Is What You Get When The Sky's The Limit

We've seen all sorts of unique hospitality concepts and built a product that has enough options and custom variables to accommodate almost all hospitality applications. In fact, we love a challenge.

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