Increase Event Profits With Event Planning Software

Grow your private & group dining business with quick and accurate quotes.
Dramatically improve your events with better communication between management, sales & service staff.
View all your events and cover counts, for any day of the year to gauge overall event load.
Drill down on any event for staffing demand and other areas where more resources may be required.

Restaurant Catering & Event Management Applications

  • Restaurant Private Dining Room Management Restaurant Function and Party Planners
    Corporate Dining Room Management Wedding Planners
    Corporate Event Planning Off-Site Party Planners
    Restaurant Catering Corporate Event Planners
    Off-site Catering Operations Personal Assistants

Image of the internal and external influences on a simple reservation.

Reduce Proposal Times With Event Management Software

Closing deals increases with the speed of first response. This is so important that our booking widgets, table management, reservation management and event planning applications all include built-in lead generation forms.

Reduce Proposal Delivery Times By 80%

Free lead generation from your website, Facebook page and all core modules. Email or text alerts sent with essential details to the event coordinator

Document Templates Maintain Brand Standards

Jump start the quality of new prospects via automatic welcome emails. Welcome email to guest keeps customer interested during off-hour inquiries.

Integrated Calendar Across All Rooms Or Locations

View calendar by color coded rooms or locations. Calendar clearly displays leads, pending and active events making it easy to navigate your event business potential.


Centralized Event Calendar

We eliminate file attachments, paper, scanning and faxing. No more searching for event documents when staff are on vacation.

Accessible By All Event Planners

All leads saved in central location with full access to guest profile, notes, events history, etc. Any event planner can pick up calls for an associate and have a solid understanding of your customer’s expectations.

Complete Event & Customer History

View the complete event portfolio at any time. Drill down on any event to see complete details. Event overview and service details available to floor staff and highlighted on events calendar.

All Parts Of Event Service Delivery Together In One Place

All departments know the full event picture and their specific responsibility. Team members automatically notified of changes.


Events & Customer Database

Detailed customer database including company, key contacts and all past event history. Repeating an event from last year - simply copy the event and modify with new details.

Digital Signatures

No more waiting for a return fax from customers. Your prospect can digitally sign the proposal and the event planner is automatically notified.

Automated Table Plans

Create as many table floor plan style templates as you wish. Assign table plan styles to certain rooms. When integrated with our TableWatch system, table in the main dining room are automatically joined to accommodate the party size.

Integrated Credit Card Processing

Automatically process secure credit card deposits and payments. Prevent contract signature unless credit card information is entered. "To Do" lists for scheduled payments.


Event Booking Software With Built-In Online Group Inquiries

See how our dynamic booking widget has it’s own built-in lead generating capacity. Even if you don’t have the Event Planner module, Table Watch & Reservationist users can benefit from this advanced capability.


Maximize Every Event’s Profit Potential

Without automation, your Event Coordinator probably spends the bulk of their time filling forms, printing, faxing and confirming menu details with staff.
This leaves, most likely, about 20% of their time for actual sales. We turn this over so 80% of available time can be spent on sales.
Our event packet is 100% electronic. From lead, to estimate, to signatures & credit card details. We eliminate file attachments, paper, scanning and faxing. When the guest makes their menu choices the kitchen sheet’s automatically updated.

Let us show you how we can help you ensure each event is as profitable as it should be.

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