ResEasy Restaurant Reservation Software

Our restaurant reservation software works on iOS and Android tablets and phones,
as well as, Mac and Windows laptops and computers.

ResEasy reservation list. ResEasy reservation list on MacBook.
Illustration showing ResEasy features.

Restaurant Reservation Features In High Demand

Protect your table inventory and reduce "no shows" by securing bookings with our PCI compliant integrated credit card system - phone-in or on-line.

On-line Reservations

"CC Hold" PreAuth Only
Require Deposit

Ticketed Events

Deposit Only
Require PrePayment

Holiday Celebration Bookings

"CC Hold" PreAuth Only
Require Deposit

Multiple devices running ResEasy keep your entire operation in sync.

Visualizing all your company's data and communication in one place helps reveal opportunities and expose trouble areas.
Activity is instantly available on all devices.

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ResEasy reservation management screen. restaurant table map on iPhone
ResEasy reservation management screen. Restaurant table map on a MacBook.

Guest Profile and Reservation History

Extensive guest database with multiple contact points.
Search for guest by name, mobile phone or email.

Static guest preferences, along with booking information fields for staff.

Download The ResEasy App Administration Panel.

The ResEasy App is not for public consumers.

ResEasy is exclusively for restaurant owners to manage their reservations, wait-list, guest seating and events.

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ResEasy Restaurant Reservation Software will save you time and money.