Reserved Dining Management Software

From simple walk-ins to extreme table optimization, everything that's really needed in a reservation management system and for one economical price.

ResEasy simple to learn and use.

ResEasy to Afford

Advanced Features at Economical Prices

  • • No flashy or busy screens you don't need
  • • Simple to learn, easy to use and afford
  • • No bells and whistles you'll never use
  • • Mobile app runs on iPad and tablets

Hospitality Friendly

  • • No operation is too small
  • • Any hospitality concept
  • • Any restaurant type

The Best Choice

  • • No contract - Cancel anytime
  • • You own your customer list
  • • No online booking fees

Easy To Use

  • • Steps that work the way you do
  • • Self-help slides and videos
  • • User friendly design

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Booking Confirmations

  • • Automatic and scheduled confirmations by email and text.
  • • Active wait-list management with email and text messaging.
  • • Optimized, in-session flexibility and management.

Optimized Table Inventory

  • • Powerful algorithms actively manages your table allocation, taking account of tables of different size, shape and seating duration.
  • • All the while, recognizing subtle characteristics of different meal periods on different days.

Cloud Based

  • • No local hardware dependency
  • • Always using up-to-date software
  • • Access system and reports anywhere

Online Bookings

  • • Take bookings 24x7 from your restaurant website, Facebook page and listing sites.
  • • You have complete control over the inventory and covers booked online.
  • • You can close or suspend online reservations when ever you wish.

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Device Neutral

Use with any web connected devices like iPad, tablet, Windows or Mac.

Web Access

Accessible on the web, thus eliminating local hardware dependency.

Central Customer Database

Guest preferences & notes are available to all of your locations.

Online Bookings

Take online bookings 24x7 from your restaurant website, Facebook page and listing sites.


Restaurant POS Interface Partners

When linked to your POS system , the interface can be designed to focus on one or many aspects of data collection or data sharing.

  • • Sharing the reservation system's customer base with the POS system. This passes key details about the guest to the servers using the POS system.
  • • Syncing meal coursing between the POS system and the reservation product. This enables the host to see table stage and anticipate when tables will be available.
  • • Passing guest spend data from the POS system to the reservation product. If so equipped, this enables the reservation system to store "spend" data on each guests visit.
  • • Tracking item sales by guest and visit for even better analytics.
  • • In some cases, the interface is to a customer's CRM system they use for marketing.

Following are a couple of examples of our interface types.

Full featured Maitre'D POS interface that keeps both systems in sync.

Maitre'D POS Interface Features

  • • Seamless integration with the RES system
  • • POS coursing changes are sent to RES tables
  • • Ensures proper guest counts for average check detail
  • • Table status colors, in RES, will mirror those in your POS
  • • When the check is closed on your POS it closes the table in RES after a "relay" time
Link to Micros POS Interface

Micros POS Interface Features - Cont'd

  • • Use spend and item data to segment the customer database for targeted marketing
  • • POS item sales and guest check totals are saved in the customer profile in RES
  • • Works with Micros POS models 3700 & 9700
  • • Works with Maitre'D version 7 and higher

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ResEasy Pricing


Per Month


Basic Functionality

  • • Reservation & table management
  • • Wait-List management
  • • Table Ready texts
  • • Online bookings from website
  • • Server sections
  • • Table map & graph optimization
  • • Email or text confirmations
  • • Email or text reminders
  • • Basic reporting
  • • Basic user security