Online Booking Software

With our dynamic RES Widget software, you are ready to accept & manage online restaurant reservations from your website, Facebook page and any other web page where your restaurant can be listed.
Our reservation booking widgets communicate on your behalf, inspire action, and drive business directly to you without any per reservation booking fees.

Online Restaurant Reservations from your Website

You always retain full control.
Set different availability for weekdays, weekends or special events.
Automatically cut-off online bookings at the beginning of service or anytime into the meal period.
Control the party sizes that can book online, on any day.

Easy To Use Online Restaurant Reservations

Our online widget is easily added to one of your website pages so your brand is maintained during the entire online booking process.

Online promotion features can be added to encourage guests to book into off-peak time slots. This results in potentially more table turns turning busy meal periods.

Closed days are shaded out and fully booked time slots appear in red.

Our Online Booking Widget Supports Your Brand - Not Ours

Although we are proud of our systems, it's about you, not us. That’s why Reserved Dining offers a completely brand-free interface. Your customers will never see our name or brand, just a user-friendly interface.

What’s more, the color-scheme can be altered to match your website and your brand.

Unlike some web-booking providers, who store (and use) your customer's details, all customer details are fed directly into your Reservations System. We will never use these details (or pass them to anyone else) and we will never approach your customers directly.

RES widget color choices to brand match website.
Image showing online widget communications via email or text.
Automatic Text or Email Booking Confirmations

When a customer makes a successful online booking, their reservation is instantly added to your Reserved Dining reservations diary (where you will see it as soon as it is made).

Fully personalized confirmation email and/or SMS (text) confirmations are also instantly sent to each customer, giving them peace of mind and helping you to promote excellent customer service.

Promotion details are clearly defined so customers know their full entitlements.

Set the customer's communications preference in their profile so they receive communications just the way they like it.


Maximize Every Table’s Profit Potential

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Without automation, your hosts or manager probably spends the bulk of their pre-service time trying to move bookings around to squeeze in more bookings.

This leaves, most likely, about 30% of their time for actual time to spend with your customers. We turn this over so 70% of available time can be spent with guests and pushing through more sales.

Tables are pre-assigned automatically by RES and done efficiently so you turn more tables.

Let us show you how we can help you ensure each table is as profitable as it should be.