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All-In-One Restaurant Reservation System

From simple restaurant wait list management to table optimization and event planning,
everything you need, all in one online reservation system for restaurants.
Build As You Go - Use What You Need.


Online Reservation System For Restaurants

Unlimited Devices

  • • Use Windows and MAC desktops and laptops
  • • Mobile app runs on iPad and tablets
  • • No limit to the number of devices

The Right Choice

  • • No contract - Cancel anytime
  • • No online booking fees
  • • You own your customer list

Easy To Use

  • • Steps that work the way you do
  • • Self-help slides and videos
  • • User friendly design

Modular Reservation System

With our modular products, you can use what you need right now and have the peace of mind knowing you can add other modules when you're ready.

We continue to add features to our basic product line, while striving to add  new modules to improve productivity and your bottom line.



Restaurant Connect System Modules

Hostess with headset.

Reservationist - Restaurant Reservation Book

Reservationist is affordable restaurant reservation software that also managers online booking. Install our “Reservations Widget” on the restaurant Facebook page with one click. The system is cloud based so you can connect from any computer, laptop, iPad or tablet.

  • • No additional reservation fees for online bookings
  • • Unlimited users and no computer license fees
  • • Multi-Location Management - toggle between different locations
  • • View guest's dining profile and history during the reservation process
  • • Automated email or text confirmations and reminders for guests
  • • Print dining room reservations reports
  • • Keep online reservation guests on your branded website - not a 3rd party
  • • Change availability, at any time, by blocking time slots or party sizes
  • • Receive automatic notifications know important guests make a booking
  • • Email customized contracts for large party bookings
  • • Promote future events on Twitter, Facebook and your restaurant website
  • • Enable guest option to create their Personalized Dining Profile - invaluable information at your fingertips

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Two people seated at table.

Table Watch - Restaurant Seating Software

Our dining room management software includes all the benefits and features of Reservationist and our online reservation widget solutions. The easy to use interface delivers improved operations in your dining room, that puts you in control, while connecting directly to our event planning and social media & marketing engine.

  • • Includes all the features of Reservationist
  • • Detailed guest "chits" inform servers and kitchen when guests are seated
  • • Turn pre-assigned tables up to four times per session
  • • View guest history and profile from main booking page
  • • Server cover count tracking and rotation
  • • Dynamic table management - join tables on the fly
  • • Reduce unseated table times with our Dining Room Optimizer
  • • iPad and tablet wait-list and seating management

More About Restaurant Connect TableWatch

Man making a presentation at an event.

Event Planner - Event Planning Software

From initial lead generation to the guest’s arrival, we connect management, event coordinators and service teams for superb service delivery. We help track and organize the effort from first inquiry, planning and quote delivery process. Turn out quotes in a fraction of the current time and watch your party business grow. Cloud-based architecture keeps everyone on the same page.

  • • Free lead generation from your website, Facebook page and all RestaurantConnect's core modules
  • • Jump start the quality of new prospects via automatic welcome emails
  • • Welcome email to guest keeps customer interested during off-hour inquiries
  • • Email or text alerts sent with essential details to the event coordinator
  • • All leads saved in central location with full access to guest profile, notes, reservation history, etc
  • • Ensure your events stay profitable with each event's real-time Profit and Loss Statement
  • • View leads and bookings for one or multiple locations on a single screen

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Man planting flag of success for his efforts at restaurant brand management.

Brand Manager - Restaurant Brand Monitoring & Marketing

Generate repeat business revenue from your valuable customer database. Generate your own live news feeds, specials & promotions to keep customers engaged. Utilize email & text marketing campaigns and other automation designed to keep you in control of your marketing strategies.

  • • All social media monitored from one dashboard
  • • Create one post and it's automatically formatted for all other platforms
  • • Create vivid posts with pictures and links to your website
  • • Monitor restaurant listing sites for key words about your business and engage customers
  • • Segment your customer database and send targeted email or text promotions
  • • Unique and easy to use report writer to get the information you want
  • • Create automated twitter responses to inquiries made online

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Restaurant Booking System Features

  • Online Bookings

    Take online bookings from your restaurant website, facebook page and restaurant listing sites.
    Restaurants have full control of the process.
    No bookings fees.

  • Booking Special Events

    Create special meal plans for special dates like Valentines Day?
    Have it replace an existing plan in the dining room or assign it to a private space.

  • Guest Celebrations

    Allow online customers to let you know about celebrations.
    It's flagged on the reservation list to alert staff.

  • WaitList & Call Ahead

    Manage waitlist and call ahead operations with ease.
    Suggested wait times are automatically calculated based on current activity and future demand.

  • Customer Profiles

    Extensive customer profiles include multiple email and phone number fields, as well as company affiliations and memberships.
    Define customer preferences and special dates for targeted marketing campaigns and promotions.

  • Special Customers

    Classify VIPs and other special customers where extra attention is required.
    Automated notifications sent to one or more management personnel.

  • Reservation Notes

    Create a list of common requests for staff to select.
    Make some or all of the requests available online for customers to select.
    Add unlimited notes on the fly and send notifications to management at any time.

  • 2 Way Texting

    Bi-directional texting for waitlist confirmations, table ready notifications, booking confirmations, staff notes and more.
    Activate restaurant marketing opportunities with our Brand Management & Marketing module.

  • User Security

    Access control for staff to ensure reservation parameter oversight.
    Reserve access to sensitive customer data to selective management staff.

  • Your Customer Data

    Restaurants work hard to build their customer base and should retain exclusive ownership of their customer data.
    We don't communicate or market to your customers.

  • Credit Card Integration

    Take credit card "holds" for bookings for special events or busy nights and use the option to apply fees for no shows.
    Our ticketing system can take deposits or charge full price for events.

  • Detailed Reports

    Daily host reservation report with full booking details including celebration icons and credit card flags.
    Back office reports provide a variety of reservation metrics to highlight improvement opportunities.

  • Party Size Durations

    Define average seat-times for different party sizes.
    The restaurant reservations system will maintain a cushion between bookings.
    Were so confident that you can stack up to 5 bookings on any table.

  • Seating Priority

    Prioritize how you want the system to view the tables in your dining room.
    Place tables that are used in joins for larger parties, lower in priority to maximize occupancy options.

  • Dining Room Optimization

    Shorten or extend durations for know customer eating habits.
    Squeeze in those extra bookings to make the most out of your table inventory.

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No User Limits and No Online Device Limits


Social Media Posts and Interactive Features

RestaurantConnect's purpose-driven design and powerful
features will help propel your online presence
to the next level.

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What can a POS Interface do for you?

When linked to your POS system , the interface can be designed to focus on one or many aspects of data collection or data sharing.

  • • Sharing the reservation system's customer base with the POS system. This passes key details about the guest to the servers using the POS system.
  • • Syncing meal coursing between the POS system and the reservation product. This enables the host to see table stage and anticipate when tables will be available.
  • • Passing guest spend data from the POS system to the reservation product. If so equipped, this enables the reservation system to store "spend" data on each guests visit.
  • • Tracking item sales by guest and visit for even better analytics.
  • • In some cases, the interface is to a customer's CRM system they use for marketing.

Following are a couple of examples of our interface types.

Full featured interface that keeps both systems in sync.

POSitouch - POS Interface Features

  • • Bi-directional interface
  • • Seamless integration with the TableWatch system
  • • POS coursing changes update the table status in TableWatch
  • • Table status colors, in TableWatch, will mirror those in your POS
  • • When the check is closed on your POS it closes the table in TableWatch
  • • Tracks POS sales down item level and updates the guest history in TableWatch

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Link to WineDirect (Vin65), the premier POS and marketing platform for wine country.

WineDirect - Membership Interface Features

  • • Bi-directional interface
  • • Seamless integration between TableWatch and the WineDirect customer database
  • • All new members, entered on WineDirect are automatically updated in TableWatch
  • • Automatically updates member profiles, membership type and member status.

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