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Create quick and accurate quotes using our catering management software.
Improve event management with better communication between your customers, management, sales & service staff.
Event calendar displays all your events and cover counts to gauge overall event load.
Drill down on any event parameter to gauge where more resources may be required.

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Event Management Features

  • Event Proposals

    • Turn around proposal at a fraction of the time it does now.
    • Generate Event Contracts for your clients and “Event Packets” for distribution to managers, chefs, and service teams.
    • Streamlined and automated approach to event planning makes overall project management a breeze.
    • Automatically emails a ‘Welcome’ packet to potential clients and new leads. This ensures that your event planning process gets off to a good start.
    • Receive online event inquiries through your website, plus Google Places and Facebook pages!
  • Event Calender

    • Easy to use calendar shows all events and their status. View leads, pending proposals and booked events all in one place.
    • Toggle between different locations for centralized event management. Alternatively, show all locations on one calendar.
    • All leads saved in central location with full access to guest profile, notes, reservation history and associated files.
    • All leads and events accessible to all event staff and management. Records changes made by each user to ensure accountability.
    • Automated item selection process by clients means your proposals will be finalized faster, allowing staff to move on to other deals
  • Event Margin Analysis

    • Templates maintain prices and costs for menus, items, other features and staffing costs. Ensures standards of each proposal created by event staff.
    • Price every item you supply or deliver for all your functions. Manage taxes, service charges, gratuities templates, as well as discounts given.
    • Automatic event profit margin analysis ensures that you no proposals are issued below your target margin.
    • Staff can create items on the fly to quickly respond to those odd ball requests by clients.
  • Event Sales Growth

    • Statistics show that being able to issue a proposal within 30 minutes increases the productivity of event staff by 75%.
    • Event contracts can be digitally signed by clients and staff are alerted when the client signs the contract. Thus eliminating the need for fax.
    • Integrated credit card deposits ensure that you get your deposit as part of the contract acceptance process. Progress payments scheduled with ease.
    • Extensive reporting keeps track of all business generated by each event coordinator.

Event Management System - Sample Screens

Event Calendar

If your event marketing calendar is not as full as you would like, there are three possible causes - your prices, product or delivery system.

  • • We automate the process so staff can turn around proposals fast and move on to the next prospect.
  • • Statistics show that responding to a request within the first hour increases the successful close rates by 86%.
  • • Detailed reporting on the business generated by individual event staff.





Event Planner Dashboard

All leads, events, to-do's, contacts and accounts are displayed in the dashboard.

  • • View by date range, location, event planner or all planners.
  • • Detailed breakdown of new leads plus any lost leads.
  • • Issued proposals turn leads into tentative events.
  • • Event status tabs clearly sort events for attention by staff.





Event Contract Detail

Once event staff follow up on leads, their ready to start adding details and get the proposal ready for the prospective client. As details ares added, the event center shows a summary that staff can "drill down" on as required.

  • • Quick Profit & Loss summary clearly indicates where attention is required.
  • • Quick access to detailed features for changes & updates.
  • • Speed, detail & follow through always lead to more sales.
  • • Extensive event notes and integrated data means that we deliver an automated solution that makes a difference.



Event Planner Menu Item & Feature Detail

One click addition of items for multiple categories: Food, Beverage, Wine, Bar, Decorations, Audio/Visual, Entertainment, Specialty and Other.

  • • Create your own sub-categories for easy organization and add detailed item descriptions and prices.
  • • Enter item costs to allow for an accurate Profit & Lost statement.
  • • Taxes and Gratuity can be customized by item or category.
  • • Item prices, gratuity and service charge can be adjusted for the specific event.



Event Planner Proposals

Our event packets are 100% electronic, thus eliminating 80% of event staff time filling out spreadsheets, printing, faxing, getting decisions over the phone, sending updates to the kitchen for menu approvals, etc.

  • • Prospective clients are sent clear, concise contracts showing all details in a profession format.
  • • Estimated charges, service charges, gratuities and taxes are clearly defined.
  • • Per person charges help corporate clients clearly determine if events fall within budgets.



Event Packet Order

All items are clearly listed with applicable service charges, gratuities and tax. Plus, breakdowns by category and add-on items or features.

  • • Determine which items or features are listed on either the kitchen or service orders, or both.
  • • Create as many kitchen or service order templates to fit different event types, thus reducing the time staff need to spend generating the orders.
  • • Simply adjust the template to fit the service type.
  • • A uniform format results in more precise instruction delivery and less errors.



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Maximize Every Event’s Profit Potential

Without automation, your Event Coordinator probably spends the bulk of their time filling forms, printing, faxing and confirming menu details with staff.
This leaves, most likely, about 20% of their time for actual sales. We turn this over so 80% of available time can be spent on sales.
Our event packet is 100% electronic. From lead, to estimate, to signatures & credit card details. We eliminate file attachments, paper, scanning and faxing. When the guest makes their menu choices the kitchen sheet’s automatically updated.

Let us show you how we can help you ensure each event is as profitable as it should be.

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