Restaurant Point of Sale

Restaurant POS For Any Hospitality Point Of Sale Application

Adapts To Any Hospitality Style

  • Lounges or Bars
  • Private Clubs
  • Road House or Fine Dining
  • Wineries & Other Venues
  • Gated or Retirement Facilities

Market Driven Development

  • Promotions & multi-level discounts
  • Integrated CRM
  • Anytime-any device access to reports
  • Inventory Module
  • Loyalty Program

Next Gen Management

  • Automatic transition to cloud system
  • Automated cloud back-up
  • Optional email marketing features
  • Automated daily management reports

Restaurant POS Management Overview

Mobile reporting.

100% Mobile Compatable

Enterprise reporting features designed to meet industry demands.

Time & Attendance management with fingerprint recognition allows you to keep an accurate track of your staff across multiple sites and upload this information to your accounting and payroll packages. Compare labour metrics across the group – with reports for sales and booking measures.

Use pre-packaged reports or design your own using industry standard tools.

Set automated daily, weekly or monthly management report emails.

Security determines what reports & functions entitlements for each manager.

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Mobile Order Entry

Use ipads, tablets or regular terminals to enter orders.

Fast Accurate Ordering

We ensure staff can process orders quickly & accurately with full audit of all orders.

Multi-Level Security

Tracks all activities & payment details by person & department.

Multiple Locations

Manage sales independently in different rooms or sections of your operation.

Operational Choices

Not all businesses operate the same way so we've built flexibility into the setup.

Kitchen Monitors & Timed Orders

Help speed up pass service & ensure every order is delivered properly.


Restaurant Rewards Program

Quad Loyalty allows guests to accrue points based on their spend. Create multiple loyalty tiers and promotions to incentivise guests. Guests can redeem their points against future orders.

Guests can activate a loyalty card online and use the interface to review their points balance.

Using a Web Dashboard you can issue loyalty cards, award and redeem members points and view member activity such as total sign-ups, total outstanding balances and accruals/redemptions over a given period of time.

More POS Features

Restaurant Inventory Management

Stock Control offers an overview of your inventory status, including ordering, costs and accountability.
It also checks prices and calculates profitability, flagging items or recipes where price changes affect margins, allowing you to change recipes or prices.
With STOCK you can track your supplier costs and automatically monitor if any variances affect individual recipe margins.

  • Maintain margins by tracking all or just your most expensive products.
  • Time will prove it's one of your best investments.
  • Easy to setup and maintain.

Restaurant Online Ordering

This module is due for release in the 3rd quarter 2019.

Check back for more information.

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