An Online Restaurant Reservation Book Is The First Step
Towards Full Featured Online Reservation Systems

Improve customer and staff communications, plus grow & retain your customer list.

We don’t charge per-user fees, so any number of computers can access to your online reservations book.
Installing our “Reservations” app on your Facebook or restaurant page takes literally seconds.
Cloud-based architecture keeps everyone on the same page.

Image of the host reviewing the restaurant reservation book prior to.

Automating your restaurant reservations book is an affordable option to manage phone-in and online reservations.

Improve restaurant reservation management and customer relationships with advanced, automated communications. Build your own customer database and online reservation book that includes full dining history across multiple locations.

Multiple Reservation Styles and Options

Multi-location - toggle between different locations in a centralized or regional reservations mode. Independent or common customer database. Keep online reservation guests on your branded website, not a 3rd party's site.

2-way Confirmation & Table Ready Texts

Automated email or text confirmations and reminders. Your customers can choose their preferred means of communications. Responses from guests automatically update the reservation status. VIP notifications - know when your guests book and when they arrive.

Integrated Credit Cards

Process secure CC holds for special occasions or busy nights - phone-in and online. Optional ticketing system.


Online reservation systems improve customer service.

Anticipating customer needs and expectations while matching available inventory are the cornerstone of a fully prepared dining room.

Customer Dining Preferences

Give customers the option to create their personalized Dining Profile. Customers now have a fun and easy way to inform you of the details they find important so that you have a solid understanding of your customer’s expectations.

Complete Customer History

View guest’s dining profile & dining history during the reservation process. The guest's most recent survey is highlighted for hosts the main booking page.

Quick Response Team

Should it be necessary, your manager on duty is immediately notified of any review below the rating threshold you set. The manager has instant access to the booking details and can get back to the guest within minutes.


Improve customer relations with customer database that delivers results.

Your customer database is the life line of any company so we have the developed the most feature rich database management tools in the industry.

Customer Relationships

Customers come from a variety of sources and environments. We provide the tools to manage relationships to companies, memberships, hotels, clubs and many others.

Customer Promoters

Your customers are your best promoters so we've automated "dining invites" so they can invite other people in their party. Our guest communication is both informative and designed for sharing on a variety of social media platforms.

Customer Profiles Promote Database Growth

These "new invites" and other social media traffic, driven by your customers, form the basis for organic database growth. Of course, we have other social media tools that help further your reach on social media and generate a steady flow of new followers and customers.


Reservations Book System Wide Features

Also applies to TableWatch

No Limits

  • No limit to the number of concurrent users.
  • No limit to the number of register devices.
  • No limit to the number of bookings made.
  • No extra charges for any online bookings.
  • No contract - cancel at any time.
  • 30-day, 100% money back guarantee.

Innovative Development

  • 1st - Text confirmations.
  • 1st - Large party agreement templates.
  • 1st - Internal management text messaging.
  • 1st - Extensive guest profile & reso history.

100% Cloud-Based

  • Access your system data from anywhere.
  • No need to rent specialized hardware.
  • Access from any web enabled device.
  • Redundant servers ensure system security.

Guest Management Applications


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