Restaurant Brand Marketing & Monitoring

Generate repeat business revenue from your valuable customer database.
Generate your own live news feeds, specials & promotions to keep customers engaged.
Utilize email & text marketing campaigns and other automation designed to keep you in control of your marketing strategies.

Brand Monitoring

Email and Text Blasts
Social Media Marketing
Seamless Social Media Integration


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Email & Text Communications

Allow your guest to select their preferred way of communicating with the restaurant. One size does not necessarily meet everyone's needs.

  • • Guests can select email or SMS text for confirmations, reservation reminders, cancellations, survey, etc
  • • Guest can choose English, French or Spanish communications, let RestaurantConnect do the rest

Restaurant Marketing Campaigns

Having your marketing solution connected directly to your customer database, booking widget and walk-in forms saves time & money.

  • • Create mobile-friendly email & SMS campaigns with drag-n-drop ease
  • • Schedule in advance and monitor results
  • • Ensure you're always found in searches, and find out what works best to capture new reservations

Restaurant Social Media Marketing

Seamless social media integration to manage and schedule social media posts directly from a single RestaurantConnect portal.

  • • Maintaining consistent visibility is essential to strong brand recognition
  • • Convenience & ease of use ensures social media strategies realize their full business building potential

Online Restaurant Marketing Visibility

By casting a wide net of your own content with, links back to your website, search engine optimization pushes your brand to the front of the line.

  • • Our embedded booking widget captures essential customer information for continued database growth and new marketing opportunities
  • • Schedule in advance and let us do the rest
  • • Quick access to reliable insights builds exciting brands and loyal guests

Do You Have Control Of Your Brand?

As competition increases, people have more choices.
The distractions from social media companies, review sites and bloggers makes it harder to get found online and stay relevant.
Brand Manager will help you focus your restaurant’s image and put a workable strategy in place.
As a result, you can and your team can get back to taking care of your guests.
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