Customer Management
Guest Profile Match and Merge

Our Profile Match and Merge feature is a smarter way to clean up your guest data. Identify duplicates in a matter of seconds,
eliminating hours manually sorting through records, and improve your ability to deliver great guest experiences.

Match and merge screen

How Does Guest Match And Merge Help With Customer Management At My Hotel?

Save Time By Reducing Manual Work

  • Since it's easy to identify duplicates, you can:
  • • Save time and frustration manually sorting through records.
  • • Easily remove out-of-date records and information.
  • • New arrivals are compared against old data.

Deliver A Better Guest Experience

  • Complete and detailed guest information will allow you to:
  • • Ensure guest preferences are always up-to-date.
  • • Reduce time spent during guest interactions.
  • • Streamline and simplify the check-in experience.

Technology Results You Can Count On

  • With accurate and detailed up-to-date data you can:
  • • Segment marketing activities for personalized messaging to your guests.
  • • Automate guest and payment services.
  • • Ensure the accurate delivery of loyalty rewards.

Reduce Costs and Increase Revenue

  • With access to current and accurate guest data you can:
  • • Improve guest marketing.
  • • Ensure loyal customers are properly recognized.
  • • Increase your bookings and revenue.
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Customer Testimonials

  • “We are over the moon with the new Profile Match and Merge feature. It is a daily task we run in less than 2 minutes and find any duplicate listings for the next thirty days. It is enormously helpful in identifying return guests, especially those that book online. We would highly recommend rolling it out at all properties that care about Guest Engagement.”

    Alyson Short
    Escape Lodging Company
  • “The system helps us improve the guest experience in the reservation process. When phone reservation staff search for a guest, they see one profile instead of multiple profiles. This saves quite a bit of time and is more efficient and professional. The guest interaction with phone reservation staff can then be far more impressive, far more customer-oriented. It expedites the situation, takes the hassle out of phone reservations. Guests will continue to call us directly – that’s how I think the system could benefit us.”.

    Xaina N. Jones
    Guest Services Manager, Stafford's Perry Hotel

Easy To Sort and Find Duplicates

Use a simple drop-down menu to find duplicate records by guest stage or time period.

Duplicate records screen.
Guest update screen

Efficiently Update Records

The profile matching system uses wide criteria to accurately identify potential duplicates.

Improve Data Input Accuracy Across Your Hotel Chain

Any update or merge is automatically reflected across your hotel chain.

Image guest detail screen
Image of the guest merge screen

Never Lose Guest Data

Users are not restricted to one master record. The full range of guest data is maintained so you don’t lose any valuable information.

Detailed Activity Log

Due to the range of staff involved in the management of guest data, a full audit trail helps everyone accountable.

Image of the activity log

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