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RoomKeyPMS Booking Engine

Our Online Booking System streamlines your website bookings.
Instead of manually entering hotel bookings from your website into your PMS,
our hotel booking engine automatically updates your PMS in real-time—saving you time and increasing your revenue.

Hotel Booking Engine Installation

Our booking engine is easy to install on your website and fully-integrated with your PMS, ensuring online reservations are updated in your system in real-time.

Image of the hotel booking engine integrated on website.
Image of 3rd party booking window.

Avoid Overbooking

Because our booking engine captures reservations in real-time, it automatically adjusts your hotel inventory on all other channels too, avoiding over-booking and other errors.

Install Hotel Booking Engine On Your Website

Make your website booking seamless. Our mobile-ready hotel booking engine enables online bookings to pass instantly into your PMS.

Online Booking System Advantages

Increase Online Booking Completions

Reduce the number of customers that leave your site before completing their booking with our powerful abandonment recovery tool.

Online booking party checking in.
Image of a client's revenue increase.

Save Money on Transaction Fees

With Direct Connects to the world’s most popular OTAs, you can save thousands on transaction fees by cutting out the middle man to get your OTA reservation. Save time as the two-way interface automatically downloads OTA reservations into RoomKeyPMS.

Analyze Your Online Performance

Our booking engine integrates with Google Analytics, so you can analyze your performance and optimize your site to increase bookings.

Image of the guest tablet showing revenue increases.

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