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RoomKeyPMS Hotel Reservation System


Hotel Guest Journey
"Reservation & Pre-Arrival"

Deliver great guest experiences easier at every step of the guest lifecycle.

Enter Reservations Quickly

Make walk-in, email and phone reservations faster with a complete view of guest information and rates at your fingertips.

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Use Guestfolio to Upsell and Engage Guests

Engage your guests with an automated reservation communications system.

Guestfolio CRM

Connect to Leading Travel Sites

Automate changes to rates, restrictions and reservations in real-time on some of the world’s leading travel sites and booking systems.

People making a hotel reservation on a travel site.

Sample RoomKeyPMS Interface Partners

Take Hotel Reservations From Your Website

Make your website booking seamless. Our mobile-ready booking engine enables online bookings to pass instantly into your PMS.

Combine & Merge Duplicate Guest Records

Our Profile Match & Merge feature is a smarter way to clean up your guest data. Instead of spending hours manually sorting through records, our system helps you identify duplicates in a matter of seconds—saving you time and improving your ability to deliver great guest experiences.

Hotel Guest Journey
"Arrival & Check-In"

Ensure an efficient, personalized check-in experience.

Check-in Guests Efficiently

Manage multiple tasks from a single window (such as routing, guest services, and travel agent info) to streamline your check-in procedures.

Up-sell and Increase Revenue

Use our guest service features to up-sell guests upon arrival, and make your rooms and amenities more profitable.

Personalize the Guest Experience

Record guest preferences using our notes feature to personalize your guest's stay.

Manage Housekeeping in Real-time

Track room status and inspections in real-time with a tablet-based housekeeping service.

Hotel Guest Journey
"Hotel Stay"

Deliver great guest experiences through one better-supported PMS.

Enhance Guest Profiles

Use our CRM features to collect and manage key information about your guests, including custom data.

Track Maintenance

Easily track and log maintenance tasks and take rooms out-of-order.

Manage Room Inventory

Visually represent your room inventory. Easily view room availability, move guests around or make changes to reservations.

Stay on Top of Hotel Operational Performance

Real-time room summaries, property activity, reservation productivity, housekeeping status, projections, and more including MTD and YTD stats.

Maintain Staff Accountability

Use detailed permission settings to ensure accountability in your hotel. Activity logs enable you to audit and investigate unauthorized changes.

Transaction Tracking

Activity log gives management a full audit trail of all changes to folios, guest records and system changes.

Create Efficient Group Stays

Manage groups and rooming lists. Ensure groups can receive personalized rates on our RoomKeyPMS Hotel Booking Engine.

Manage Financials and Corporate Accounts

Easily manage negotiated rates to ensure efficient routing for reservations, check-ins and accounts receivable.

Hotel Guest Journey
"Post Stay"

Ensure a great end to the guest experience and increase return bookings.

Check-Out Guests Efficiently

Seamlessly complete the guest stay, using our departure process to ensure the account is closed out correctly.


Manage Your Reputation

Obtain guest feedback and encourage social sharing with Guestfolio or another reputation management system listed on our RoomKey PMS Integration and Interface Partners.

Hotel Operations Reporting

Generate the pre-defined reports you need and build custom reports as needed with our Pace report wizard.

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