RoomKeyPMS Rate Shopper

RoomKeyPMS Rate Shopper draws on the latest pricing data used by major online services to provide you with accurate, up-to-date insights.

Rate Shopper Direct To Your Inbox Everyday

You’ll receive daily reports that outline competitor rates, demand forecasts, and TripAdvisor rankings.

Sample Rate Shopper report.

How Does Rate Shopper Help My Hotel?

Increase Revenue

  • Improved and automated rate information will allow you to:
  • • Set a smarter and proactive rate strategy.
  • • Understand the relationship between rate and demand.
  • • Gradually increase your average daily rate.

Improve Overall Hotel Performance

  • By understanding how you rank against competitors you can:
  • • Implement services that quickly give you a competitive advantage.
  • • Make changes that impact your guests and improve overall guest experiences.
  • • Improving your ranking will help increase bookings.

Manage Your Online Reputation

As the leading online travel website, TripAdvisor is the most important tool you have. With weekly updates outlining your ranking against competitors, you’ll always know how you stack up in the eyes of your potential customers.

reputation management screen
Rate shopper screen

Eliminate Manual Rate Shopping

You’ll no longer need to spend time manually reviewing multiple online travel sites to check market rates. Our Rate Shopper will automatically provide you with 90-day rate views from top travel sites, including Expedia and

How Does RoomKeyPMS Rate Shopper Work?

Getting started with our Rate Shopper is easy.
Simply choose the top four competitors of your choice, the frequency of your reports and we’ll do the rest.
You’ll receive an email that outlines the following against your competitors:

  • • Ninety-day rate views for one-night stays.
  • • Your TripAdvisor ranking for both search and bookings.
  • • Rates from top online travel sites, including Expedia, Priceline, and Travelocity.

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