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Vin65, re-branded as WineDirect, is a popular system for wineries around the world .  WineDirect focuses on helping wineries sell more wine.  From daily features pushes and easy pricing structure - WineDirect meets the challenge in winery ecommerce and POS solutions.

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WineDirect Membership Interface

Bi-directional interface.

  • • Seamless integration between our Restaurant Seating Software and the WineDirect customer database
  • • All new members, entered on WineDirect are automatically updated in TableWatch
  • • Automatically updates member profiles, membership type and member status.
  • • The initial TableWatch reservation screen displays all pertinent membership details for client services staff so they know what entitlements to offer members.

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WineDirect - TableWatch Reservation System Interface

Basic Functionality

An interactive interface to the WineDirect API, exclusively to import and monitor certain customer profile records. List below.
The interface provides the following functionality.

  • a) Creates new TableWatch customer profile records, when new members are added in the WineDirect system.
  • b) Newly created customer profile records, on TableWatch, will be automatically created in the WineDirect system.
  • c) Changes to the customer profile records, on either system, will be synchronized so each system has the latest information.
  • d) Key membership information on WineDirect, like Club Member ID, Club Type Name and Club Member Status will display in the main reservation booking screen and the reservation log to alert guest services staff as to the entitlements or benefits of each guest.
  • e) Membership status updates, made on WineDirect, will flow through automatically to the TableWatch system.



  • It is understood that various wine clubs and guest services staff need visibility about wine club type or name, status of the membership and initial join date in order to deliver certain services to their members as part of their visit to the winery.
  • • Interface ensures that customer facing staff always have the most up-to-date status of the wine members when booking tours, tastings and other events at the winery.
  • • It enables guest services staff to suggest upgrades or add-on features, at the point of sale, based on information visible on the event reservations screens.
  • • Interactive text messaging features, on TableWatch, allow guest services staff to quickly and discretely “ping” membership or sales staff for assistance if required.
  • • Interactive guest survey and management response system allow team members to quickly respond to survey submissions.
  • • Social media monitoring, automated proximity responses and marketing features, in the optional Brand Manager module, help expand the reach and effectiveness of outreach campaigns.

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