Restaurant image showing empty tables ready for guest seating.

Restaurant Management System For Any Hospitality Application

Restaurant management systems for all types of hospitality environments. 
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Restaurant Management Modules


  • Walk-in or Waitlist only
  • Advance online waitlist registration
  • Automatic reservation table assignment
  • Integrated credit card & texting
  • Restaurant listing & promotions
  • Online pre-paid guest table selection
  • Loyalty program

Point of Sale

  • Multi-area & location ready
  • Hand held ordering devices
  • Kitchen order screens
  • Course timers & auto send
  • Auto menu & table changes
  • Loyalty program
  • Inventory control

Restaurant Marketing

  • Local restaurant listing management
  • Online brand marketing monitoring
  • Integrated email marketing and list building
  • Targeted marketing on guest spend data
  • Easy to use email builder
  • Dozens of email and promotion templates
  • 100% GDRP compliant

Restaurant Reservations In High Demand

Protect your inventory and lower "no shows" by securing bookings with our PCI compliant integrated credit card system - phone-in or online.

  • Regular Bookings

    "CC Hold" Pre-Auth Only
    Require Deposit

  • Ticketed Events

    Deposit Only
    Require Pre-Payment

  • Holiday Celebrations

    "CC Hold" Pre-Auth Only
    Require Deposit

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Our ResEasy Reservation Software Basics

Device Neutral

  • • Use Windows & MAC computers
  • • Run on - iPad, tablets & smart phones
  • • No limit on number of users or devices

The Right Choice

  • • No contract - cancel anytime
  • • You own your customer list
  • • No online booking fees

Easy to Use

  • • Steps that work the way you do
  • • Self-help slides and videos
  • • User friendly design

Cloud Based

  • • No local hardware dependency
  • • Always using up-to-date software
  • • Access system and reports anywhere

Central Guest Database

  • • Extensive guest profiles
  • • Guest preferences and notes
  • • Company & booker references

Online Reservations

  • • Take bookings 24/7 on your website
  • • Facebook & 3rd party site bookings
  • • Boost your profile - not ours

Sample Restaurant Reservation Software Features

  • Online Bookings

  • Booking Special Events

  • Guest Celebrations

  • WaitList & Call Ahead

  • Customer Profiles

  • VIP Customers

  • Reservation Notes

  • Texting

  • User Security

  • Your Customer Data

  • Credit Card Integration

  • Detailed Reports

  • Party Size Durations

  • Seating Priority

  • Dining Room Optimization

Restaurant image showing empty tables ready for guest seating.

Restaurant Point Of Sale For Any Hospitality Application

POS software should be flexible enough to handle all types of environments. 
Restaurants | Hotels | Resorts | Chains | Wineries | Assisted Living | Clubs


Restaurant POS Basic Features

100% Mobile Compatable

Enterprise reporting features designed to meet industry demands.

Time & Attendance management with fingerprint recognition allows you to keep an accurate track of your staff across multiple sites and upload this information to your accounting and payroll packages. Compare labour metrics across the group – with reports for sales and booking measures.

Use pre-packaged reports or design your own using industry standard tools.

Set automated daily, weekly or monthly management report emails.

Security determines what reports & functions entitlements for each manager.

Mobile Order Entry

Use palm devices , tablets or regular terminals to enter orders.

Fast & Reliable

We ensure staff can process orders quickly & accurately.


Tracks all activities & payment details by person & department.

Multiple Locations

Manage sales independently in different rooms or sections of your operation.

Operational Choices

Not all businesses operate the same way so we've built flexibility into the setup.

Kitchen Monitors & Timed Orders

Help speed up pass service & ensure every order is delivered properly.


Restaurant Rewards Program

Quad Loyalty allows guests to accrue points based on their spend. Create multiple loyalty tiers and promotions to incentivise guests. Guests can redeem their points against future orders.

Guests can activate a loyalty card online and use the interface to review their points balance.

Using a Web Dashboard you can issue loyalty cards, award and redeem members points and view member activity such as total sign-ups, total outstanding balances and accruals/redemptions over a given period of time.

Why Choose Our ePOS Solution?

Partner with a company that combines a proven record of innovative and collaborative development
and system integration, along with operational analysis and trusted insights.

  • Investment In Support

  • Now & In The Future

  • Market Driven Design

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