Restaurant Event Management

Our restaurant event management tool allows you to control every aspect of your event.
Your event will operate as a free-standing restaurant with all the bells and whistles.

Fine dining table in wedding reception. Showing on MacBook.
Illustration of woman planing an event.

Imagine Your Event,
We'll Make It So

Think of your event as a mini-restaurant with all the appropriate settings.
We even have a separate on-line booking widget to take deposits or full payment.

Unique Reservation Basics

    • Set the date(s) and operating times.
    • Set time slots and capacities.
    • Pick the room(s) that apply.
    • Create separate table maps.
    • Exclude tables from on-line Bookings.

Ticketed Events

    • Set on-line widget to collect deposit or full payment.
    • Sell "premium" tables close to the stage.
    • Block tables in common areas.
    • On-line prepaid guest table selection.
    • Load images and promo details.

Holiday Celebrations

    • Promo events on your normal on-line widget.
    • Email event widgets to good customers prior to general release.
    • Send private event widget to event coordinators to control bookings.
    • Secure integrated credit card system to ensure you collect funds.
    • Unlimited events and celebrations.

Sample On-line Event Widgets

ResEasy - save time and money.

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