Restaurant Seating Software That Puts The Restaurateur In Control

Since restaurants don't all operate the same way, seating software should be flexible enough to handle all types of environments

Our table seating software handles walk-ins, call ahead seating, wait listing, group bookings and pre-assigning tables.
Easy to use and intuitive features allow restaurants to apply varying levels of control on different days, meal periods & party sizes.

Image of the internal and external influences on a simple reservation.

Restaurant Seating - Timely Details Matter.

The goal of every restaurant is to meet or exceed the expectations of your guests. Is your staff armed with what they need to deliver the best dining experience possible? Our restaurant seating software delivers timely details to staff and your guests.

Timely information to impress your guests.

Dining templates allow you to accommodate any style of group or special booking with pre-designed reservation agreements or guest information packets.

2-way Confirmation and Table Ready Texts

Automated email or text confirmations and reminders. Your customers can choose their preferred means of communications. Responses from guests automatically update the reservation status. VIP notifications - know when your guests book and when they arrive.

Integrated Credit Cards

Process secure CC holds for special occasions or busy nights - phone-in and online. Optional ticketing system.

Image showing guests seated in the dining room.

Customer Relations

Ensuring your guests can relax and enjoy themselves means getting the timing right - all the time. Prompt, courteous restaurant customer service reflects high standards and professionalism. This is true for any hospitality concept and at any price point.

Guest Experience

Time impacts value, service, food & ambiance. The wrong timing can throw any of these off. Our tools work together to ensure host, service & culinary teams properly manage the restaurant guest experience every step of the way.

Communication Preferences Matter

Communicate with guests based on their preferred choice. Guests can select either email or text messaging and the system will conform to each guests preference.


Table Seating Software That's Guest Focused

Your customer database is the life line of any company so we have the developed the most feature rich database management tools in the industry.

Management Alerts

Choose who, on your team, needs to be notified when certain guests make a reservation. Broadcast to everyone or just certain managers.

Greet Your Guests Professionally

Detailed "guest chits" inform servers and kitchen when guests are seated. Informs servers of booking details and any guest preferences.

Quick Guest Surveys

Automated "Thank You" text or email surveys encourage feedback to your managers. Interactive communication features give the manager on duty direct access to the reservation details and guest profile. Manager can authorize an "on-the-fly promotion" for the next time the guest makes a booking.


Restaurant Seating Software - System Wide Features

In addition to the innovative development in Reservations

No Limits

  • No limit to the number of concurrent users.
  • No limit to the number of register devices.
  • No limit to the number of bookings made.
  • No extra charges for any online bookings.
  • No contract - cancel at any time.
  • 30-day, 100% money back guarantee.

Innovative Development

  • 1st - Pre-configured table joins.
  • 1st - Automatic graphical table joins.
  • 1st - Stack bookings for extra turns.
  • 1st - Guest host sends invites to friends.
  • 1st - Julia - Your 24/7 Reservation Assistant

100% Cloud-Based

  • Access your system data from anywhere.
  • No need to rent specialized hardware.
  • Access from any web enabled device.
  • Redundant servers ensure system security.

Hospitality Applications


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