Restaurant Seating Software That Puts The Restaurateur In Control

Restaurant seating software should be flexible enough to handle all types of environments.

Our ResEasy table seating software handles walk-ins, call ahead seating, wait listing, group bookings and pre-assigning tables.
Easy to use and intuitive features allow restaurants to apply varying levels of control on different days, meal periods & party sizes.

Image of the internal and external influences on a simple reservation.

Restaurant Seating - Timely Details Matter.

The goal of every restaurant is to meet or exceed the expectations of your guests. Is your staff armed with what they need to deliver the best dining experience possible? Our restaurant seating software delivers timely details to staff and your guests.

Timely information to impress your guests.

Dining templates allow you to accommodate any style of group or special booking with pre-designed reservation agreements or guest information packets.

2-way Confirmation and Table Ready Texts

Automated email or text confirmations and reminders. Your customers can choose their preferred means of communications. Responses from guests automatically update the reservation status. VIP notifications - know when your guests book and when they arrive.

Image showing guests seated in the dining room.

Table Seating Software That's Guest Focused

Your customer database is the life line of any company so we have the developed the most feature rich database management tools in the industry.

Group Management

Setup private dining rooms or other levels where you prefer to seat large parties.

Greet Your Guests Professionally

Know your guest's preferences or habits and adjust table duration times at the time of booking. Maintain guest previous booking details and any guest preferences.

Restaurant Reservation Technology Innovations Since 2009

Any Seating Style

  • Walk-in or Waitlist only
  • Advance online waitlist registration
  • Automatic table assignment reservations
  • Online pre-paid guest table selection
  • Of course - regular reservations

Market Driven Development

  • Google Reserve Interface
  • Loyalty program coming soon
  • Integrated free text messaging
  • Multi-lingual versions
  • Easy html & Wordpress integration

Restaurant Marketing

  • Restaurant listing site & promotions
  • Integrated email/text marketing and management services
  • Targeted marketing on key customer segments
  • Easy to use email builder
  • Dozens of email and promotion templates

Hospitality Applications

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