Powerful Restaurant Wait Time and Wait List App

Can your wait time app handle restaurant seating and pre-assigning tables, combined with group bookings and scheduling features.
Our ResEasy waitlist app has all the functionality to handle walk-ins, call ahead seating, wait list texting and more.

Key Waitlist App Features

Guest Freedom

Eliminate those costly pagers and send your guests customizable, 2-way text messages on their own phone. From the moment they enter the waitlist online, whether a table opens, or when real wait time exceeds the quoted time, they can be kept informed with timely texts from the hosts.

Customizable 2-Way Texts

All messages are customizable, so send as few or as many texts as you feel necessary. Proactively provide guests information about where they are on the restaurant waitlist, send them information on this week’s specials or let them know about items not available anymore – you are in control.

Smart Restaurant Waitlist

Based on historical data and by accounting for your restaurant’s current load, ResEasy provides accurate wait time quotes for walk-ins. The host can track quoted time vs. actual time waited and keep guests informed in real-time.

Restaurant Wait List App

Managing your wait list effectively is the life line of any restaurant so we have the developed the most feature rich and guest friendly app in the industry. It's been designed smart phones, iPad and tablets to give hospitality staff the mobile freedom they need.

Waitlist Management Alerts

Choose who, on your team, needs to be notified when certain guests arrive or are put on the wait list. Broadcast to everyone or just certain managers.

Manage Your Waitlist Professionally

System generated wait-time quote suggestions based on current dining room availability and demand. Helps reduce guest frustrations and gives staff real-time insight to realistic wait-times.

2-way Confirmation and Table-Ready Texts

Automated email or text confirmations and reminders. Your customers can choose their preferred means of communications. Responses from guests automatically update the reservation status. VIP notifications - know when your guests book and when they arrive.

Texting Restaurant Hosts Gives Diners A Sense of Control

Ability to skip a turn

Diners will appreciate the ability to skip a turn and let someone ahead of them in line if they’re running late.

No more list-juggling

ResEasy puts everything in one place to streamline your host’s job, automatically inserting reservations into the waitlist at the appropriate time.

Rewards for waiting

Restaurant loyalty program members can even be rewarded for waiting, if they experience long wait times for a table.

Easy notifications

With one click, your host can send an SMS to let diners know when their table is ready.

Get in line on-the-go

Your diners can get in line while they’re en route to your restaurant.

System generated wait-time quotes

The system will suggest a wait-time based on party size, current tables in use, pending reservations and the current day's real-time seating durations.

See What Our Restaurant Waitlist App Has To Offer

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